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A native New Yorker,  Janet Silverstein the designer behind Baffajewelry has studied jewelry and metalsmithing from renowned artists and master metalsmiths at various institutions in New York. Having transitioned from the advertising industry working in visual and graphic arts as a television commercial producer for many years, she has a keen eye for detail and an aesthetic that speaks to audiences in both the arts and fashion world.  Her work has been selected several times in juried shows for exhibit, and has appeared in Jewelry Arts magazine.


“I like to think my work has emerged from my connections to nature and my environment. The jewelry is inspired by my observations of art and architecture and looks to bring simple elegance with fun and a sense of humor to what we wear. I spend a lot of time drawing the images of my proposed designs as I feel that if the piece looks beautiful as a drawing it can come to life more effectively.“


Janet does the original work herself, designing her prototypes until she is satisfied with a design. She works with a team of seasoned professionals to execute her productions.

One of a kind pieces and customization is available upon request.

Janet is dedicated to maintaining high standards of environmental responsibility by using recycled gold and conflict free gems from socially responsible mines.



Janet works in 18 and 22 Karat gold as well as Sterling silver. One-of-a-Kind pieces have used mixed metals as well as granulation techniques using varying materials and stones. Many of her stones are custom cut for her specific designs.

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